Six Selah Freedom women receive dental care courtesy of Mission Smiles.


On April 20th, 2016 Mission Smiles partnered with Selah Freedom to provide six women with free dental care.

Selah Freedom provides Residential Programming for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation, Awareness & Education to community members and organization, Outreach in the jails and on the streets, and Prevention to at-risk teen girls.

They also partner with local law enforcement and train officers on human trafficking. Selah Freedom, along with law enforcement and the State Attorney’s office, has also launched the TYLA (Turn Your Life Around) Program, a diversionary program for survivors of sex trafficking.

What is Mission Smiles Mobile Dental Clinic?

Mission Smiles Mobile Dental Clinic is a ministry of mission Tampa. We provide dental care for those living near poverty level. We offer free emergency dental care for those who financially qualify.

Mission Smiles partners with local churches and ministries to provide dental clinics in various neighborhoods throughout Tampa Bay, bringing the hands of Jesus to those in need.

Since 2011 Mission Smiles has provided over 1400+ guest with dental care.

Our efforts are made possible through the love of God, volunteers, grants, and donations from people in our community.

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