Love From The Heart Homeless Outreach – Helping those in need

Mission Tampa's Love From The Heart Homeless Outreach
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Love From The Heart has one simple mission: Show Kindness, Love, Hope and give light to people in need. Letting them know that they are valuable and someone cares.


Love From The Heart is a 501(c) non-profit ministry of Mission Tampa dedicated to serving people in need in the Tampa Bay area.

Homelessness has many faces. Homeless people are just like you and I that for numerous different reasons have become homeless.

There is no one easy answer to Homelessness. We assemble and distribute Love Bags. Love Bags are a humble one gallon plastic storage bags filled with food items, personal care items and message of hope.


Love Bag Items/In Kind Donation List:

1661117_348865525318799_57610595818331892_n►Food Items◄

❤ Gallon Plastic Storage Bag
❤ Plastic spoon
❤ Bottle of Water
❤ Juice Pouch/Box
❤ Single To Go Drink Mix
❤ Fruit/Pudding Cup
❤ Honey Bun
❤ Pack of Cookies
❤ Pack of Crackers
❣ Mini Jam/Peanut butter
❤ Protein/Chewy Bar
❤ Easy Open Can Sausage/Tuna
❤ Mints/Candy

►Personal Care Items◄

❤ Tract/Bible
❤ Pair of Mens Size Socks
❤ Wash Rag
❤ Travel Size Bar of Soap
❤ Travel Size Shampoo
❤ Travel Size Conditioner
❤ Travel Size Lotion
❤ Travel Size Toothpaste
❤ Toothbrush
❤ Band Aids
❤ Cotton Swabs
❣ Lip Balm
❣ Mini Hand Sanitizer
❣ Tissue Pack
❣ Moist Towelette/Wet Wipes
❣ Feminine Hygiene Products

►Other Non-Love Bags Items that are given out◄

❣ Instant Hot Meals
❣ Blankets
❣ Backpacks
❣ Hats/Beanies

[❤ Included in every bag
❣Included when donated or
when funding allows]